Healthcare Marketing Value Factor Session 2: Note

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We take pleasure in informing you that the Value Factor session 2 was received well with a good audience turn out as usual. The session was anchored around a few topics like

  1. Whether hospitals can improve revenues using insurance route
  2. Whether hospital revenues were going up steadily or coming down through this avenue
  3. How hospitals have to gear up before they tap the full potential of insurance routes
  4. What types of procedures are clocking good numbers and revenue patterns over the years

Dr. Prasasta Prem Kumar, Head of Insurance, Apollo touched upon the various facets of growth curves in insurance business in the hospital industry. She has highlighted the fact that the insurance revenues for hospitals are going up over the years steadily and the future of the hospitals’ revenue will be primarily from the insurance sector.

She also touched upon the need for the hospitals to strengthen their insurance teams/cells to improve their systems, practices to face the insurance volumes. She addressed about the improvements that could be brought to insurance cells in the form of faster turnaround time, faster realization of bills from insurance companies, ability to negotiate for good rates, etc.

She pointed out the need for hospitals to establish strong controls, ethical practices and good systems to face the demands of the insurance industry in the years to come.

The next speaker, Mr. Balakrishnan, was working in the marketing team of various hospitals and also had a long stint at a TPA office for almost about a decade. He touched upon the classification of hospitals done by insurance companies on various parameters, how differently the classified hospitals were all gunning for selected set of procedures leaving aside the untapped potential in the insurance space for certain set of procedures which are the low hanging fruits.

He was highlighting about the strategic positioning that hospitals should take while bidding for insurance procedures. He shared the data of some of the procedures which were clocking good numbers as well as monetary value as captured by the TPAs for the participants’ understanding and knowledge.

He was also advising hospitals about the need to develop a good strategy while bidding for insurance sector which will help the hospitals to improve their top lines.

Overall, the session was received well. The audience gave excellent feedback about the same.

For a quick recap, we wish to inform you that the Value Factor knowledge series will touch upon the following domains of healthcare marketing:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. CRM
  4. Branding
  5. PR
  6. Communication

The domain of Marketing which is the current series in session, will have various sub topics which will be covered as series containing the following topics:

-          Customer Acquisition – With Referral Drs / OP Consultants

-          Customer Acquisition – Direct Patient Walk Ins

-          Customer Acquisition – B2B Arrangements

-          Customer Acquisition – Corporate Tie ups

-          How to prepare a Marketing Strategy

-          How to prepare a Marketing Plan

-          Marketing Budget

-          Marketing Metrics & How to analyze the same

-          Marketing Team’s Performance Appraisal

-          Various Marketing Tools to be used – including Social Media Tools

-          Marketing Collaterals / Content Management

-          Marketing Surveys

-          How to conduct Market Feasibility Studies

-          Marketing Campaigns

-          Marketing Communicationkt

We take this opportunity to inform you that our next session, Value Factor 3, will cover Customer Acquisition through referral Doctors/ OP consultants, the dates of which will be announced  soon.

We request you to attend the session without fail.

Thanking for your continuous patronage!

-          Team  Value Factor


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