ICMR recommends MCI to include lessons in traditional Indian medicine for doctors

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I was reading about this post today in social media channels !!!

Was a little surprised at this announcement by ICMR !!! If teaching basics of Ayurveda to Allopathy Drs is recommended, similar exercise should be made to make #Ayurveda drs understand how #Allopathy medicine, as a science works !!! These are two different streams of medicine – one is purely modern science and evidence based medicine and another one is purely ancient science and “no evidence” based medicine !!!

Before GOI initiates any such move on holistic healthcare, it’s better to listen to the voice of stakeholders, take them into confidence before any such integration… Challenges are plenty as both the streams have to look upon each other as complimenting each other in the process.

Which is mainstream medicine and which is complimentary stream here??? Who will define this???

How does one address medico legal disputes as the origin of treatment failure may be in any stream…who will be held responsible for such failures???

What is the role of a patient, who may attempt at many treatments before finally landing at the doorsteps of Allopathy…and anything may go wrong at this stage & finally Allopathy drs are subject to punishments!!!

While educating the Allopathy drs on ancient streams is a good move, as it will make them understand and appreciate our traditional streams, so that they need not look at this medicine with a doubtful eye.

I guess tolerance for others medicinal streams will improve with this kind of exercise!!!

However, GoI has to take many stake holders into confidence – Allopathy drs, Ayush Drs, Consumers, Judiciary, Insurers etc into confidence and must roll out any holistic healthcare initiatives after understanding the ground realities and challenges posed ahead….

Infact same sentiments are expressed by ICMR teams too !!!

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Rama Venugopal heads Value Added Corporate Services P Ltd, a 26 year old Management Consulting Organization from Chennai. She has a long stint in Consulting – almost 24 years and works very closely with SME businesses across various sectors. Healthcare is a domain where she has a long stint again for almost for 20+ years.

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Major insurance cos refuse to include Ayush treatment in mediclaim despite IRDA order

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Major insurance companies in the country are refusing to abide by the IRDA order to include Ayush products and services in the mediclaim insurance policy. IRDA issued a directive in this regard sometime in last February after repeated representations from ayush industry.


IRDA under section 5(1) of the IRDA (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2013, had issued a notification directing inclusion of the Indian System of Medicines (ISM) in the mediclaim insurance policy. But, no insurance companies have taken steps to comply with the IRDA order so far.


It is understood that insurance companies across the country are citing ignorance on this matter to avoid providing coverage to the ISM sector under mediclaim policy. Ironically, the new regulation which came into force with effect from February 18, 2013, states that the insurers may provide coverage to non-allopathic treatments provided the treatment is taken in a government hospital or in any institute recognised by government and or is accredited by Quality Council of India (QCI), National Accreditation Board on Health(NABH) or any other suitable institutions.


However, Prabodh Shah, president, Gujarat Ayurvedic Aushadh Manufacturers Association (GAAMA), informed that most of the insurance companies in Gujarat have been claiming that they have yet not received any notification from the IRDA on this matter. “We are shocked by this attitude which constantly sidelines the interest of the ASU industry. What is more concerning is that this delay in realising our long standing demand, is resulting in undue difficulties to the patients who are keenly awaiting to utilise the benefit of mediclaim policy for ISM treatment options,” Shah pointed out.


He further stressed that the only way to deal with this issue is to ensure that the IRDA ensues a sensitisation drive on this issue among the insurance companies so that they may not pretend ignorance on this matter.


Source : Pharmabiz News dt May 29, 2013, 0800 IST



Dept of Ayush to introduce Ayush-Nursing from July, 2012 in 20 Ayurvedic Colleges across country

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Dept of Ayush to introduce Ayush-Nursing from July, 2012 in 20 Ayurvedic Colleges across country

March 30, 2012, 0800 IST – Source : Pharmabiz News

Aiming to provide proper quality care to the patients undergoing treatment under ayurvedic system of medicine, the department of Ayush in cooperation with School of Health Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi will introduce a certificate course in Ayush-Nursing (Ayurveda) for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM)/ General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) from July this year across country. IGNOU is also planning to begin certificate programmes in Unani and Homoeopathy in the coming years.

This programme is designed to discuss the current issues and trends in Ayurveda, to develop skills to provide nursing care to patients admitted to hospitals providing care through the ayurvedic systems of medicine, to develop understanding and depth in performing ayurvedic nursing skills and to apply knowledge of Ayurveda in diverse settings- hospital and community.

“As per government of India’s report on Human Resources for the health sector, there is no ANM trained nurses in Ayurveda. So the GOI along with IGNOU has decided to start this programme to provide certified quality professionals in this field. IGNOU with its large network has the capability of catering to the needs of a large number of aspirants,” said M Rajesh, regional director of IGNOU, Mumbai.

Prof. Bimla Kapoor, director of School of Health Sciences, IGNOU, Delhi said that this course will be conducted by IGNOU in 20 Ayurvedic Colleges throughout the country as identified by Department of Ayush as Programme Study Centres. “In our country we have around 20 centres which includes: Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram, Govt Ayurveda College Mysore, RA Podar Medical College (AYU), Mumbai, Ayurvedic & Unani Tibbia College, New Delhi, Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College, Paprola, J B Roy Govt Ayurvedic College, West Bengal, SDM Ayurvedic College, Udupi, Govt. Ayurveda College, Nagpur, etc.. which have intake capacity to admit 30 students having ANM/GNM qualification and already in service,” she added.

Prof. Kapoor added that GoI has mentioned that the required centres should have 30 candidates in service for ANM/GNM in Ayurveda Hospitals across the country for training at the Ayurveda colleges. Although this course is designed for all ANM/GNMs even then preference for the first year may be given to ANM/GNM employed in Ayurveda Hospitals in the states. In case of non-availability of ANM/GNM in the Ayurveda Hospitals then the interested ANM/GNM candidate in the allopathic hospitals can be nominated to go for training in this course.

The minimum duration of the programme is for 6 months and the maximum duration is for two years, and also the students will be given hands on training by the existing Ayurveda faculty in identified centres.

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