Quality Wave in Healthcare – is it real or is it a mirage

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Author: D.Satishkumar, Principal Consultant Value Added Corporate Services P Ltd

The healthcare sector in the country has witnessed a lot of changes over the past few years. One of the changes to have happened is in the area of quality of healthcare delivery and the necessity to introduce accreditation / certification systems to evaluate and monitor the same.

NABH Accreditation assumes larger significance in this context. Accreditation relies in establishing the technical competence of an organisation to deliver services adhering to specific standards.

The hospital accreditation program (NABH) was launched in the year 2006 in the country. Initially NABH came up with 2 set of standards, one for hospitals with more than 50 beds which was called as NABH Accreditation and another standard for hospitals between 20 & 50 beds called NABH SHCO (Small Healthcare Organistions)

Initially there were a very few takers as Quality and Accreditation were something which were alien to the healthcare sector. The first wave to go for accreditation started gaining momentum when in the year 2008 / 2009 CGHS made accreditation standards mandatory for hospitals which needed empanelment with them. Hospitals which had empanelment with CGHS and which wanted to empanel with CGHS went for accreditation but after that there was a downtrend and the numbers started stagnating. Most of the smaller facilities faced difficulties in complying to the requirements laid down by the accreditation body. NABH felt that a smaller version needs to be introduced with reduced requirements so that the small and mid-sized facilities would also start going for accreditation, there by ensure atleast some basic quality of care to patients.

This article discusses whether introduction of Entry Level Accreditation has really increased the number of organisations seeking quality.    Read More

AHPI’s 4th Global Conclave on Healthcare Delivery at Chennai during 10-11 February 2017

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AHPI is organizing its 4th Global Conclave at Chennai during 10-11 February 2017. The Conclave will deliberate on Future Model of Healthcare delivery in the form of INTEGRATED CARE. The sessions have been uniquely designed to bring hospitals and allied healthcare industry including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and IT industry among others under one umbrella to deliver seamless, safe and affordable care across regions. The Conclave has been conceived to offer road map for delivery of universal health care for developing nations. Special interest sessions and activities will be on anvil for delegates from SAARC and ASEAN countries.

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AHPI Speakers


For any other information / clarifications on registrations, please reach out to :

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Moving towards a healthier India

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The stage is set for the Modi government to signal its seriousness about transforming India’s under performing healthcare system

With expectations running high about the Narendra Modi government’s first full-year budget, the stage is set for the centre to signal its seriousness about transforming India’s under performing healthcare system and committing investments for a long-term payoff for all Indians. By ramping up investments in healthcare, the government will have the perfect opportunity to start a virtuous cycle of health. It will improve productivity, enable greater consumption and boost economic growth, as well as help the Make in India campaign become a reality.

Healthcare reform can protect Indians from out-of-pocket expenditure burden, create 15 million additional health services jobs by 2025 and allow the country to emerge as a global hub for innovative, low-cost health products and services. As we have seen, a business-as-usual approach to health won’t work and can hurt India’s future growth, development and competitiveness. According to one estimate, the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) alone will cost India $6.2 trillion by 2030.

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Read more at: http://www.livemint.com/Home-Page/sVTrqtGLV3E8Cvpn1CN3RJ/Moving-towards-a-healthier-India.html?utm_source=copy

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